A Brochure for Every Customer

Once you have a list of potentially buying customers I strongly recommend that you buy sufficient to give each customer their own brochure.

The cost difference between 20 brochures and 50 is just £2.90 earnings from just one £12 customer order.

The Benefits are:

  • Personalise each brochure, name them or enclose a note with each customer’s name.
  • If you have time you can flag pages that may be of interest to the specific customer, (very personal service)

Distribute the week prior to delivery you may collect the next order as you deliver goods.

Use the “one stop selling” technique whereby enclosing the next but one brochure in with each delivery. This means you can deliver the goods, collect the money, collect the next order and leave the following brochure in one go.

eg. Deliver campaign 16 goods, take order for campaign 17 and leave campaign 18 brochure.

How and when you chose to deliver is very personal

All of these ideas offer you time saving, it is important to value your time just as you would in any other job. There are however many more benefits to having plenty of brochures.

Your Customer has a brochure in their home permanently; you never need to collect it. She disposes of it at her leisure; you are no longer left with lots of brochures to dispose of.

You can take their order over the phone, by text, email, facebook or they may order on your online store.

There is more chance that she will place a larger order if she has the brochure for longer, enabling her to look at it at her convenience and hopefully more than once. Just as with any mail order catalogues.

Other people visiting her home may order from that brochure also. (extra customers)

Encourage your customers to pass the brochure on to a family or friend she may be a stranded customer and we have many of these.

Let your customers know that you do not need the brochure back and they may feel free to hand it on to their family and friends.

more brochures more customers more sales

= more customers = more sales
= more earnings

President Club Representatives order loads of brochures *See my handout on Presidents Club

NB. When you find a new customer she is yours to keep.


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