Building Your AVON Business and Increasing Your Earnings

The more personable you are towards your customers the more likely they will support you. Include friendly notes in brochures, take customer’s mobile numbers and email details to build a customer base with contact information.

Sell Related Products:

Nail Enamel/ Lipstick
Day Cream / Night Cream
Nail Enamel/ Remover
Sun cream/after sun for example

By the way:

The back page of the brochure is usually designed to say: “By the way did you notice the back page offer?”


Our recommendation is 40 Brochures to canvas 100 home territory.

Brochures are cost effective if used wisely. I recommend one for every customer on your list and spare ones or used ones to re canvas.

The Avon Brochure is your shop window it can be a false economy to cut back on brochures.

Demonstration Products:

Purchase from the First Look Brochure. Wear, show and demonstrate Avon Products. Customers are much more likely to buy items that they see first hand or try.


Always invest in the latest Avon fragrance, everyday items such as face cream and hand cream are always acceptable and likely to increase sales.

Networking for customers:

Ask everyone to show the brochure to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues,put at least 2 order forms in each brochure and maybe offer a discount for finding a new customer.

Up Front Selling:

Stock up on items customers may run out of ………… sun creams are a great idea, skin so soft original dry oil spray is a product that customers frequently request (it has many uses including acting as an insect deterrent), also items for that last minute Birthday/Christmas gift. Purchase these items when on special offer.

Let your customers know that you hold a small stock of suitable items.

Avon Open House:

Small groups of your friends that get-together to have a coffee/ drink wine etc. and show-off, try out and discuss Avon Products. This will likely give you instant sales.

Highlight offers:

Flag pages where there are great offers, (you can purchase small flags from stationers) or use post-it notes.

Product of the Campaign:

Select your favourite product or offer each campaign and highlight to your customers.

Place samples in the bag with goods, not through customer’s doors as they could be harmful to children and pets.


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