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Once you have an Avon account number go to www.avon.uk.com and register, you will need your account number and date of birth.

Your online store is then immediately ready to set up, this is very straight forward simply follow the link on your homepage.

Choose a name for your store……(all one word lower case). Note your store name needs to be unique to you, so you may need to be a little creative.

If you chose you could purchase a domain and attach to your store, for example mine is www.orderfromgill.online it’s certainly not essential just a little easier to advertise with.

Once your store is open you need to advertise it on all your social media sites. You could send the link to everyone in your address book, add…

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Being very personable will always warm people to you. Ask everyone “Do you see an Avon Brochure?” offer one and always put at least two order forms in each brochure.


Excellence in customer service:

Be reliable

The Avon Guarantee (28 days) makes customers aware that they may return items they are not happy with.

Ensure that regular customers see every brochure to ensure that they do not miss out on offers.

Deliver the goods on time


Show the brochure around at the school gate or ask if you may leave one in the …..

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Use calling record book to record every contact

Call on EVERY home, record the not at homes (NAH) and call again on another day at a different time.

Knock on the door with a Brochure in your hand, hold the brochure in an “offering” way, smile and introduce yourself. “ Hi I am ….. from Avon………may I leave you this brochure……I will call to collect it on /or “leave outside” on……

When you call back record her details eg. Mobile, email in calling book (or in your phone)

If she/he doesn’t order ensure that ……..


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One Stop Selling is designed to help you maximize your time and will enable you to make the minimum of calls and ensure that every customer receives a brochure every campaign.

  •  Deliver customer’s order                     ie.  Brochure 4
  •  Collect the next campaign order           ie. Brochure 5
  •  Leave the next but one brochure          ie. Brochure 6

This is possible as we always advise you to order brochures well …..

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Check that there will be internet available, or you could meet your prospect in a nearby café with WIFI.

Alternatively you may talk to your prospect on Skype/Facetime/…………….

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Allow me to introduce myself as your new Avon Representative. My name  …………………… and I live at ……………………… (OPTIONAL)

Please look through this Brochure, there is something for everyone and some exciting offers. There is no obligation to buy.

The deadline for this Brochure is ………… for delivery on ……………………

I look forward to……………………

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What to do next:
Take time to navigate www.gillsreps.biz where there is a wealth of useful information and helpful handouts.
Familiarise with the current Brochure and note the best offers. Check your Campaign dates and be sure you are familiar with your first Campaign deadline (Campaign number is the same as the Brochure number, we have 18 campaigns each year).

Opening your online store
As soon as you have registered online open your store. Name your store……

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Once you have a list of potentially buying customers I strongly recommend that you buy sufficient to give each customer their own brochure.

The cost difference between 20 brochures and 50 is just £2.90 earnings from just one £12 customer order.

The Benefits are:

Personalise each brochure, name them or enclose a note with each customer’s name.

If you have time you………