Congratulations! you are now an AVON Representative

What to do next

Take time to navigate this website where there is wealth of useful information and helpful handouts.

Familiarise with the current Brochure and note the best offers.

Check your Campaign dates and be sure you are familiar with your first Campaign deadline (Campaign number is the same as the Brochure number, we have 18 campaigns each year).

Open your online store

As soon as you have registered online open your store. Name your store where required (NB you will need to find a unique name) enter as all one word in lower case.

Use your store link on Facebook and other social media sites and consider sending to everyone on your address book

Customers anywhere in the UK may order from your online store, this will be a Direct Delivery order, the customer will pay a small charge maximum £3.50 and you will earn commission.

Working your Allocated Homes

Prepare your order forms, highlight the day and time that you will be collecting the brochures include personal details or enclose a personal note.

Place an order form in each brochure, put two order forms in family and friend’s brochure. This will encourage your customers to share the brochure with a family, friend, neighbour or colleague.

Distribute the brochures to allocated homes as soon as possible. Leave for 2/3 days this is usually long enough whilst you are canvassing.

If you have sufficient days in your first Campaign re-distribute the brochures that you have collected to new homes.

Ensure you show the Brochure to all your family and friends.

Ordering Products
To place your order log onto the Avon website

( my own office, “place an order”. Once you start collecting orders you may start filling out the order form as you go, then save and log out.

NOTE …… Do not send the order to Avon until it is complete. Send on the deadline date.

Click on “view order” to view the saved items.
You can at any time return to order entry and add items

If you prefer you can save all the orders and place them all online together at the end of the Campaign.

Once the order is complete add on your sales aids, order forms, delivery bags etc. and remember to order the brochures two campaigns ahead.

Refer to First Look for “tools of the trade” and order demonstration products and samples.

Check subtotal to ensure your order is over £160 to earn the maximum commission of 25%.


Your order will arrive in approximately 6 days, you will know the day and if possible you need to be at home to sign for your first order.

You can opt for an alternative delivery address when you place your order.

Open the boxes (Tip: open them upside down for re- usable boxes) The paperwork/invoice will be in one of the boxes, check off the items prior to bagging them into individual customers orders, remember to attach their order form to each bag.

All delivery Boxes are numbered.

If you used the week you were waiting for you order to put out the next campaign brochure, you can now:

  • Deliver the goods
  • Collect the money in cash (do not leave the goods without payment.)
  • Collect the next order (if appropriate)

Once you have collected all the money you need to Pay AVON either:

  • In cash at the bank or post office (giro slip is enclosed with paperwork)
  • Online, with a debit card.

You need to make your payment to AVON before taking your commission, and prior to placing your next order (13 days)

Once you have paid AVON the remaining money is your commission, that will have been worked out for you. Should you have items that you cannot deliver you can deduct the cost price of these items from your payment to AVON. *See my handout on returning products.

Try to find new customers each campaign the more customers you have the more you will sell and the more you will earn. *See my handout on finding new customers

Selling AVON Products should be an enjoyable experience; you handle and use premium products from a company that is a household name. The AVON Brochure includes everyday items that everybody uses.

It can take you up to six campaigns to be comfortable with the system so be patient and ask for help if you are unsure about something. My preferred method of contact is email, as I am often working or driving. However if you leave me a message I will respond at my earliest opportunity.

“To succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting– there are lots of people!” ~~~ Jim Rohn


A Brochure for Every Customer


Introducing Yourself