Creative Prospecting for Sales Leaders

Ask Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Prospect in areas where there are a lot of people:

Outside schools, nurseries Parks, play areas Launderettes

When approaching a great opener is, “Hi could I ask you when you last saw an Avon Brochure?”Use her response as a conversation starter.

Always be discreet, brief and enthusiastic.

Recruiting former Representatives:

Make up an “I want you back” pack to include: Personal note expressing your wish for them to rejoin Current Brochure + next Campaign Brochure
First Look
A few order forms
Sample of new Perfume
Maybe offer an incentive/free brochures/ free gift

Challenge Bags:

Use an Avon Carrier bag, include 5 Brochures, order forms and a First Look.
Ideal if you are recruiting at markets

Keep made up small prospecting packs in your car, leave with everyone you speak to, include a card with your details, a brochure, order forms and maybe offer an incentive to prevent them going online and applying directly to Avon.

Use your DTMA to find available streets to canvas for a new Representative. Take thorough customer lists as you prospect and ask everyone you speak to “who do you know in this area that may like an earning opportunity?”

Take names and house numbers.
Keep a copy of your customer lists for future use and file.

Google Adwords:

If you have a personal website this may well be worth a try, however this may be very expensive.

Social Media:

The 21st century way to prospect

Join as many Facebook and other social media sites buying and selling groups in your area as you are able and advertise frequently. Some will be free

Use social media sites to your advantage. There are lots of people advertising this way so be as creative as possible. Try your adverts at different times of the day.

Let everyone know that you are a Sales Leader for Avon, trying to build your own team of Avon Representatives. Be professional and offer excellent support and training to all new appointments and you will soon build a reputation that will attract prospects to your Team.

The Avon Website has a wealth of adverts that you may copy onto your social media.


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