Finding New Customers & Keeping Them

Being very personable will always warm people to you. Ask everyone “Do you see an Avon Brochure?” offer one and always put at least two order forms in each brochure.

Excellence in customer service:

Be reliable

The Avon Guarantee (28 days) makes customers aware that they may return items they are not happy with.

Ensure that regular customers see every brochure to ensure that they do not miss out on offers.

Deliver the goods on time


Show the brochure around at the school gate or ask if you may leave one in the staff room


Take brochures into work. Ask if you may leave brochures in other offices/departments etc. Ask family or friends if they would take brochures into their work for you.


If you have been homes re- canvass from time to time. A personal note, discount on first order etc. may encourage a sale (new customer).

Neighbours / Nearby streets

Whilst there is a chance these streets will be covered by another Representative it is by no means certain that this is the case. Try knocking the door and simply asking the question. “Do you receive an Avon Brochure?” if the answer is “no” then offer one, she is now your customer.

Carry a Brochure at All Times

Offer an Avon Brochure at every Opportunity


Where people congregate try to leave Brochures. Think about nurseries, hairdressers, libraries and pubs.

Ask your regular customers to take a brochure into their work.
Cards in shop windows

Get-Togethers/Open House/ Party

Hold an event. This could be at your home, someone else’s home, or a local, shop, pub etc.
Invite customers and friends, ask everyone to bring a friend. You may have a small display of products for customers to view and try.
NB.We would never recommend you buy a large amount of products up front for this unless you are able to afford to keep them and sell on.

Have a table/ stall etc. at garden fetes

There are often opportunities to have a stall at local fetes, markets and fayres.

Ask your Customers

You could ask your customers to show your brochures to their family and friends. You could offer a reward for example a percentage off their next order.

Use your initiative for ideas

Your Customers will stay loyal if you offer great service timely deliveries, listen to their concerns, offer to return items without question. Point out the best offers.

Be Passionate about Excellence in Customer Service


Canvassing for New Customers


Setting up and using your Personal Online Store