Increasing Customer Spend

Offering a sample can encourage an order, best value samples are shampoo/shower gel hand cream. Daily needs Products

Choose a product every Campaign to promote

Products such as Bubble Bath and Shampoo offer the Customer an egg cup full for her to try

Jewellery, Nail Enamel, Handbags and Make- up are easy to demonstrate, by simply wearing them yourself.

When leaving the customer, point out the product on the back page, we call these “By the way products”.

Buy products from end of line, clearance etc. that are under £1 and make up goody bags.

Try to sell unwanted items before returning them to Avon. If you sell at a discount, it’s better than returning items, you may still earn something..

Hold an Open house, this can be done with very few products, maybe just a small coffee morning etc. We would not encourage you to order huge amounts, if you are likely to return many of them. Ask your Upline or Area Manager for help and advice.


Help returning Products to Avon


Overcoming Objections