One Stop Selling

One Stop Selling is designed to help you maximize your time and will enable you to make the minimum of calls and ensure that every customer receives a brochure every campaign.

  • Deliver customer’s order (Brochure 4)
  • Collect the next campaign order (Brochure 5)
  • Leave the next but one brochure (Brochure 6)

This is possible as we always advise you to order brochures well in advance. The website is designed for you to order brochures up to three campaigns ahead.

Call on customers who did not order in campaign 4, collect their campaign 5 order and leave them the campaign 6 brochure.

You will only need to call on each customer once per Campaign ie. When you deliver her order.

A variation on this would be to put out the next brochure prior to delivery with a note similar to :

“Thank you for your Campaign 4 order, I will deliver it on….. the amount due is £…….. I would appreciate it if you would have the money ready for me in cash. If you have had time to look through this brochure I could collect your next order at the same time.”

Thanking you for your continued support. Name, mobile number and email.

We are in the 21st century and are able to enhance our service with the use of text, email and social network sites and our personal online Brochure.


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