Online Appointment Procedure


Check that there will be internet available, or you could meet your prospect in a nearby café with WIFI. Alternatively you may talk to your prospect on Skype/Facetime/Facebook/Whats App

Go to the Avon website in my own office “Look up a Postcode”. This will give details of the:

  • Area Number
  • Mailplan ie. date order is due online plus delivery date Current Campaign/brochure number for the area
    Area Manager name and email

Pre Interview:

Ask open- ended questions to find out useful information relating to:

Time available
Likely customers amongst family and friend group Likely customers from other sources

Take the prospect through the current “ Avon” Training Booklet:

Using a device ie Laptop, tablet or smart phone:

Log into you account using you PRP (personal recruitment page)
Apply Now………Prospect must complete the application

A pop up box asks for email, enter the prospects email address then continue to complete the application form.

Go to “my team office” on your home page and select “leads” from the drop down menu, see the lead, tick the box to “appoint” and complete the form.

Ensure you see 2 forms of ID. One must be photographic ie.driving license/passport and you will be required to enter the number.

Make a note of the Representative account number and first order credit limit.

You could now help your new team member to register online, show her how to order (and back order from previous campaign), products, brochures, sales tools etc.

Find a suitable territory on DTMA (digital mapping application) this can be found on your home page.

She is now ready and set up to be your new Representative

Arrange a next meeting in approximately one week and call her after 24 hours to reassure.

Good Positive Contact and Communication is the Key to Success


Introducing Yourself


Details required for an online appointment