Overcoming Objections

When Prospecting or chatting to a prospect on the phone you will often be met with a barrage of excuses. Here are a few ideas to try to overcome them.

O. It’s not for me, I wouldn’t do that
A. Why is that? is there anything in particular that makes you feel that way? What do you know about Avon?

O. I don’t have the time

A. How much time do you think it takes? How much time do you have?

O. I don’t wear make -up/allergy/sensitive skin/I don’t like Avon
A. When was the last time you saw a Brochure? We sell a lot of items other than cosmetics. You don’t have to wear the products. A friendly smile is all you need.

O. I already work
A. Where do you work, is there an opportunity to sell at work?

O. The weather, too hot/cold/wet etc.
A. There are no set times for selling Avon, you may work your own hours and work around the weather

O. I don’t like working in the evenings
A. What if I showed you a way around that “suppose technique”. Suppose I could show you a way, would you be prepared to work one evening a week? use the week ends if you prefer.

O. I don’t know anyone
A. Selling Avon can be a great way to make friends, and youare now able to sell to family and friends etc. all over the UK, with your own Avon Online Store. How about your Facebook friends ?

O. My Friend already sells Avon/ someone in the street sells it.

A. That can work well, common interest, we would offer you different streets nearby, plus of course your own network of friends.

O. I’ve got Children
A. Avon fits in so well with family life, it’s so flexible. Use the Felt/Found technique. Many people feel that way, but they soon find out how well they fit Avon around their families, and the extra money is so useful.

O. You pay for your brochures
A. It’s important to look the person in the eye with this question, be positive and say “yes that’s correct, we give you free brochures for your first Campaigns to help you get started”. You can give examples of costs. They are highly subsidised. They are your shop window and they pay for themselves. You can choose to buy the amount you feel that you need.

O. My friend says she did it and it’s no good.
A. What did she tell you? Let me talk to you and give you the opportunity to make up your own mind.

O. I don’t need the money
A. There are other advantages to selling Avon, Interest in make-up, meeting people making friends, charity fund raiser.

O. I’m too busy
A. At Avon we have a saying “Ask a Busy Lady” You are likely to be very organised with your time and fit a lot into you’re day.

O. I’m too old
A. Not at all, we are always happy to appoint mature ladies. We find them reliable, and they often enjoy the social aspect.

O. I did it before and it wasn’t worth it.
A. This is your opportunity to say how Avon has changed and moved into the 21st Century. It may be a different area, and it’s an opportunity to re train.

O. My husband wouldn’t like it

Always a good idea to ask early on how her husband would be about it, as its often used as a “get out” “Excuse”


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